Artrageous Creative Studios:
Art Courses for children of all ages in Kansas City
with Julie Flanagan

In south Prairie Village

Julie Flanagan featured on TV !
KCTV 5's "Better KC"
9-10:00am M-F
See her ARTrageous Craft Segments:
"Napkins onto Candles!"
"Old T-Shirts into Sports Scarves"
"Repurpose Plastic Shopping Bags"
"Shrunken Skull Apples in Cider"
"Foil Cookie sheets into Faux Pewter and Brass Frames"

ARTrageous is taking a BREAK for refurbishing!!
We'll be back on Sept. 20th.
THANKS for your patience through our growing.

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Come get a little crazy, a little messy, a little artsy
with other just like YOU!

Finding artistic potential through inspiration, information, techniques, problem solving and a strong promotion of creativity.
ARTrageous is a Peanut-Free Environment !

Now Offering
Photography - Architecture - Photography -
Fashion Design and Illustration Classes!


Call: 913-642-8122

Dear Parent,
My fervent goal is to find the artistic hero in every child. I value working with them individually to promote the creative thinking and working skills they need for success. I believe in giving them the freedom to create their OWN art ideas, not mine. I set them up for success with age appropriate art allowing them to confidently make their own choices about their art and speak their own minds through art.

After many years of experience with children, I can to readily see where they are, what they are capable of, and know how to give fun positive artistic input that they will happily respond to. My classes provide lots of fun and laughs, along with a wide variety of mediums and choices so the children can be vastly unique and wonderful in their own way.

Mrs. Julia Flanagan, “Miss Julie
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About Miss Julie:
Miss Julie is certified and 27 years experienced, fifteen at Nativity Catholic School grades 1–8 and nine years at The Nelson Atkins Museum of Art where she still teaches. She has worked as a professional commercial artist freelance as well as in fine art for many years after graduation and while starting her family. She has a degree in Visual Communication (KU), with a minor in Fine Art and a degree in Art Education (Avila) plus graduate credits. She studied Art and Architecture in Italy and has developed many fun and cultural lesson plans from much further travel.
.Her Loves: Husband Terry of 27 years, her 3 beautiful adult daughters, traveling, art museums everywhere, making art, hiking, KU diving (she "lettered"), big fan of KU football and basketball!
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Your Artrageous Students:
Miss Julie has teaching experience with all ages, 3 to adult, she's taught those with learning challenges, social and physical challenges as well as those with exceptionally high abilities. Miss Julie treats all children with dignity and respect. (Please note that her studio is down a flight of steps.)

"I love them all like my own, and guide their behavior with positive words and encouraging guidance."
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Artrageous Processes:
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Every Art Course will usually include ALL these basic art processes:
Drawing, Painting, Collage, printing, assemblage and sculpture.

These can be approached in so many exciting ways. Part of her program’s goal will be to inspire new and challenging variations with the media.

"I use quality art supplies for my student, setting them up for success, from “Prisma Color” Pencils to “Grumbaucher” Water Colors."

Courses also might include: cartooning, fibers, or advanced techniques used by artists throughout history, such as fresco painting, gold leafing, using gauche, glazing, wire sculpture, casting, origami, paper or book making, 3-D construction, wood assemblages …the list could go on and on!
Come join in the fun!

Art class format is Artrageous

  • First: "Student Share Time" for students to share their own art work with others. Students bring art they’ve created on their own.
  • Second: Miss Julie facilitates art hisorical or appreciative activities, discussions, games, DVD's or books, viewing cultural objects. This will introduce and inspire the art project of the day.
  • Third: Miss Julie will show a quick and FUN demonstration of project processes. Modeling techniques, problem solving, and “creative thinking/working skills.”
  • Fourth: The last 2/3rds of art class is art-making and the practicing and promoting of creative thinking and working skills.

There will be an art project completed to bring home in almost every class!
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ArtRageous Teaching Methods:
Miss Julie’s teaching of art historical and cultural concepts will take place in the form of inspiring time-tested books, games, activities, DVD's...coupled with short interactive discussions or stories and lots of laughs.
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Her teaching of art processes and techniques comes from many years of observing art students at work: through demonstrations, she breaks techniques down into small easy, user friendly steps. She will often verbalize her artistic thoughts, and "mistakes." This sets them up for success. She never does their art for them or tells them how she thinks they should do their art. She will demonstrate to the side, and introduce options. Their art is ALWAYS their OWN!

Her teaching of visual thinking takes place by observing the work of great artists. We might explore an artist's purpose in creating the art: imitationally, emotionally, or formally (use of art elements and design principles). The students will be free to share their opinions and reactions, to look into art and to think critically about it.

Her promoting of creative thinking and working skills takes place by enabling your child to apply or synthesize concepts with their own interpretation and creative expression. They are encouraged to practice: experimentation, determination, open mindedness, flexibility, diligence, patience, innovation, courage to try something artistically crazy!

Classes are generally age appropriate, yet leave plenty of room to take the artistic challenge as far as they’d like!


Artrageous Creative Studio with Julie Flanagan
is located in south Prairie Village, Kansas at 8920 Catalina St.,
The closest highway access is I-435 and Roe. We are between Mission and Roe, just south of 89th Street: From 89th, turn SOUTH on to Catalina Street. We are the 3rd house on the right (west) side. House has tan shingles, a stone and brick porch with double white pillars out of stone bases.



Artrageous Library
Miss Julie has an Art Library that’s been growing for 28 years. There are over 2500 books to use during her art classes or for checking out until your following art class.
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Books like:
Drawing How-to’s, How to’s on just about every art media, Art Fiction, Lives of Artists, Crafts for Kids and Adults, Art History for all ages, Manga, Fantasy, Cartooning, Anima, Architecture, American Artists. Art just for FUN books, so much more…

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For more Information, call or E-mail Miss Julie at